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I found a good dashcam

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Wilbert Tan
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I found a good dashcam

I think most of you guys havent tried out a dashcam (fyi its a car video recorder) but I'm sure most of you have heard of it, or something like that.
Anyway, I was once like you guys who didn't care about any of this stuff till the day i went to the Mid Valley IT Fair last week. Seriously though, i was only interested in gaming hardware/software.

But then I came across this dashcam brand called "Eagle I" and just decided to have a look. I was staring at the display devices and i didnt know wat to do with it. And a beautiful sales lady :clap: came over and gave me some logical thought about CVR (car video recorder).

I bought the EG-1 model which only records the front just for the fun of it. After buying all the other gaming things and went home but I didn't install the dashcam right away as I wasn't so excited about it.

I was surprised as it was quite easy to install, you can even do it by yourself, just the charger to the cigarette port and there you go.
The recorder is not bad, Full HD 1080p front recording is as clear as day. And it also can record audio for wat's going in the car.
But there is no LED light lamp for recording better in the dark, but there is a WDR (wide dynamic range) which makes it clearer and have better quality videos.
The power source is the car's battery via the cigarette port, the installer did a great job with the wires and wont leave it dangling everywhere. And it comes with a free 8GB SD card for recording (and it supports up to 32GB). Actually according to the sales lady, 8GB is actually enough to record because of its loop recording function. Ok, for example : if the dashcam has recorded and used up the space on the memory card, it will automatically delete the oldest video and record a new one (except for the locked files).

My favorite function is the G-sensor, is actually an auto impact detecting software according to the sales lady which upon impact with a car, the device will automatically lock the recorded file for prove when you wanna report it to the police. And the parking mode is really useful as well, when you've parked your car, the device will turn into standby mode and when there's an impact, the device will automatically turn on and record.

But there is always a bad thing about these devices when you didnt consult the staffs of Eagle I, especially the Motion Detection function. Where anything passes by the range of view of the CVR, it will lock the files automatically, and it's very annoying and will clog up the memory card and it wont be able to continue record.

Unfortunately EG-1 is only for the front view, if you're looking for a front and rear view I would recommend you to look into their website, I remember seeing a dual camera type before.

And the device comes with : 1xUSB Cable, 1xCar Port Adapter, 1xSuction Cup, 1xAdhesive Mount and of course the Camera.
With a 1 year E-Warranty with the app on smartphones, and a Free 30 thousand Personal Accident Insurance.

So sorry for the very long post as I just wanted to share with you guys about this amazing accessory you can buy for your car, where most of the people neglect these days.

So again, a very easy and simple conclusion, let me break it down for you :

Pros & Cons of EG-1 :

1)Good Quality video at day time. (1080p FHD)
2)G-sensor ( automatically lock the file upon impact )
3)Split video recording (device can record 1,3 or 5 minutes videos separately therefore won't waste space when a video is locked)
4)Parking mode very useful
5)Wide Dynamic Range makes the footage very clear.
6)170 degrees Wide Angle Lens
7)Very good company (Eagle I)
8)Very good customer service

1)A little pricey for a front view camera. But I bought it at the fair for a cheaper price, Eagle I CVR will make promotions on their products from time to time.
2)Motion Detection very annoying if turned on.
3)Easily heat up (because EG-1 uses zinc alloy to construct)
4)Parking Mode can only record up to 15 minutes overall
5)Front View Only

If the video above is not watchable, please check out this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpH04BuLxx0

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