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Why am I suddenly shown insufficient privileges to post?
If you find yourself reported by the forums of insufficient privileges and you notice the following in your previous posts:

Your email is indicated as inactive.
Pls update your email now.

it means your account has been set to 'Awaiting Email Confirmation'. In this stage, you will not be able to perform most of the forums functions until you change your email address. Upon the update of email address, the system will send a verification email to the new email address. Once the instructions in the verification email are acted upon, the account will revert back to original status.

Why would my account suddenly change to 'Awaiting Email Confirmation'?
We have implemented a feature where we will monitor your email address in your account profile. When we detect your email address is no longer valid, we will initiate the status change to 'Awaiting Email Confirmation'. This way, it will be a reminder to you to update your email address.

I have re-verified my account. Why is my DMCard status gone?
Due to the nature of our platform, you will need about 10 minutes from the time you click on the verification link in the verification email before your account status will be changed back to DMCard.
This only affects DMCard members and we apologize for this inconvenience.

We do recommend everyone to keep their email address updated so that you do not need to repeat this verification process every now and then.

Infraction System
The Infraction system automates certain processes of the moderating duties while ensuring forum rules and regulations are adhered to. A Warning will be issued to members who have committed minor violations on our forum rules and regulations while Infraction points will be issued for more severe offences.

A warning may be issued to a member depending on the seriousness of the offence. Warnings look like infractions but are worth 0 points and do not count toward your total infraction table (which holds infraction points awarded). Warnings usually apply to more minor violations, or first time violations.

Depending on the seriousness of the offence, one can be awarded 2 or 3 Infraction points. If a member accumulates 12 infraction points the member will be temporarily banned for 3 days.

Members can get infraction points for the following reasons, including but not limited to:

  1. Thread Digging or Rubbish/Nuisance Thread/Post
  2. Spammed Advertisements
  3. Posting/Sharing Pornography or related materials
  4. Inappropriate Language / Insulted Other (s)
  5. Troublemaker (trolling, impersonation, etc..)
  6. Posting Racist Comments
Viewing Infraction Points
The infractions points can be viewed on each member's "User CP" page if applicable. When a member receives an infraction, a private message will be sent to the member. Infraction points expire only after 12 months and within this period, points are accumulative if the member continues to violate the general rules and regulations of the forum.

Please be warned that posters who deliberately and viciously break the rules may be permanently banned with no warning. Decisions on the executing of Temporary or Permanent Ban is up to the discretion of the moderators and administrators.

To view your Infraction Points, please log on to your UserCP.

How to display my rig profile?
Your Rig profile is stored under your www.hardwarezone.com® Member profile.
To edit your profile, please click here

Signature Guidelines
Signatures must conform to the following guidelines.

  1. Max of 200 characters including BBcode
  2. Max of 100 characters excluding BBcode
  3. Max of 3 lines
  4. All BBcode not allowed
  5. No image allowed
  6. Smilies allowed
  7. No HTML allowed
  8. Signature must not be of any commercial/advertising nature.
  9. Signature must not link to or promote any external forum/community site.
  10. Only links that lead to non-commercial site(s) are allowed.
  11. Any member caught circumventing the restrictions by any means will have their signatures removed without warning.
    Subsequent circumventions will result in an access ban.
  12. www.hardwarezone.com® reserves the right to censor any signature without prior notice at its own discretion.
  13. www.hardwarezone.com® reserves the right to change the signature guidelines without prior notice at its own discretion.
Click here to edit your signature.

How Do I Upload Images Into Posts/Threads?
Unfortunately, we do not accept any direct uploads of images into our forums due to copyright issues. You can however embed images into your posts/threads by clicking on the 'Image' button in the editor.

How to embed?

  1. You will need to host your images in other image hosting providers. There's a few free options in the market such aswww.photobucket.com.
  2. The image hosting provider will return you with a URL of the image that you've uploaded.
  3. Use the URL supplied and enter into the form when you click on the 'Image' button in the editor.
  4. That's it. You've embedded your image into your posts/threads. You can embed up to 8 images per post.