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GaiaRO 05-11-2017 12:41 PM

GaiaRO (Another Gaia World)

Dear players,

Something HUGE is coming up for the grand opening event.
We are giving out 4000gp which is worth rm4000 for early birds!
Just 'Like' and 'Share' the specific post (www.facebook.com/gaiaro.anothergaiaworld) in PUBLIC setting, leave your IGN (In-game-name) below the specific post ,e.g. IGN: Abcde.
Date: 05th November 2017 - 12th November 2017.
You can claim the reward immediately after verified by Director.
Reward: 50 Gaia Points / 30 Gaia Points
As per said, 50 gp will be awarded to the first 50 players and consecutively, 30gp for the remaining 50 players. Once again, please remember to post in PUBLIC setting!
GaiaRO Management reserves the right to determine which fake Facebook account will not be entertained and decline rewarding any players associated.
So what are you guys waiting for? Be ready and be a part of our warriors!

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