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EXPMalaysia 04-09-2014 03:10 PM

Jabra Revo- Unboxing Photos
Jabra Revo Headphones with Mic & Music Control.

Comes in 2 colors: White & Grey

Reviewed by Expansys Malaysia



Snapshot: Sleek, slim and lightweight the on the ear design means you can take them anywhere but they have not sacrificed on sounds quality.
Cool Factor
Perhaps the first thing about this headphone you notice is their futuristic but subtle styling. They have not gone crazy with multiple color options but kept the look classy with either the black or white/ Grey versions. Urban looking it’s easy to see these as an interesting designer wear piece against other major brands in the market.


So what do you actually get for the price? Well the Jabra does not disappoint with options. The headphones themselves fold away for easy storage on the go. At only 225 grams too they will not be weighing you down. Added to this they have been “bend tested” so if you go and sit on them during a flight or a train ride they should stay in one piece!

Sadly the 3 button control is only usable on iOS devices but you still get 1 button control with Android.

Sounds Quality

Since Jabra’s back ground is from speakers and microphone is no surprise that their telephony test came back very positive. You can hold a very high call quality on skype or your phone.


The actual speaker performance is perhaps the crucial point for many people (assuming the style is ok!) and we found it comparable to many more expensive headphones. The Jabra App on android and iOS is downloadable and allows you to tweak base and treble output giving you added control. If you want pure noise cancelling headphones hen these are not for you, we suggest you get a heavier headset that is less portable. That said they reduce most background noise and the sound quality is still very high!

Whilst there are better headphones sets out there with smoother sound or better noise cancelling. For this price Jabra Revo have provided high quality sound that is portable, stylish and not breaking the bank.

They come with built in mic and music controls they we found easy to use during testing and a standard 3.5 mm jack so they fit almost every device.

calebchoo88 05-09-2014 04:04 PM

wow nice..just recently i bought Jabra Rox from tonidotech.com I just love my new bluetooth headset..the sound quality is just awesome..the battery last long for my music needs. the best part..is simple and friendly to use..

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