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I come from small village in Perak. I moved to KL last 5 months and stayed with my aunty. I am currently study in UniKL. When i moved to KL, my dad passed away and I am having financial crisis as my dad who are the one giving me money. People say that i am not that pretty but polite and sweet hehe. A couple weeks ago I voluntarily downloaded the dating app and i found a men who agreed to have relationship with me so that i got better future and to be financially stable... I believe that our relationship is temporarily but i am hoping to have longer relationship with him...
oh what a drama story..oh wait think seen it on TVB before hahaha...
sorry la babe..since you said u studied in uni..so i guess you are above 18 la...
whatever you want to do with your life..is up to you but dont regret it later..
what i can see here is the man want you for your body and not to spend the entire life with you la..dont la be so naive ...
if better life is what you want and you dont mind sacrifice yourself..then good luck to you lo
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