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Recovery Mode:
D-Link DIR-868L provides an easy way to recover using Recovery Mode (Also a useful and a recommended way to install third-party firmware)
When the Power LED keeps blinking on boot, the router has entered the recovery mode.
This usually happens when flashing a firmware went wrong, or the configuration has been corrupted.
It is also possible to (force) boot into recovery mode to restore a soft-bricked router or flashing back to the factory firmware.
Download the latest available firmware on the official D-Link website of the router revision. https://www.dlink.com.sg/dir-868l/#firmware
Unplug all cables (incl. power cable) from the router
Connect the router to the PC using one of the 4 switch ports
Set the PC TCP/IPv4 address to and use as the Subnet mask
Power-on the router while pushing a paperclip to the hidden reset button located at the bottom of the device for a few seconds.
When the Power LED starts blinking, release the reset button
Use Mozilla FireFox browser and navigate to Other browser will give you problems.
Upload the D-Link firmware, when completed the router should report to reboot.
The router should now be running stock D-Link firmware and accessible on the default address. (
Please note that if you encounter problems going back to the latest stock D-Link firmware, it is suggested to start with an early firmware e.g. FW1.03 and work your way up until the latest.
Each time you need to reset to factory defaults to clear the NVRAM memory of the router, before you upgrade to a newer firmware.
The last step seems to be necessary when you are upgrading from FW110 to FW122, if you encounter a warning that size of the firmware is too big.
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