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How to quit smoking ?

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How to quit smoking ?

Beauty games were originally introduced to give young children a fun time to play dress up with their lovely characters. It was a big step to include the artistic genre in the gaming industry.
In this article, let’s take a look at the development of beauty games from the early years to the modern days.

The Classic Games with Fairytale Dresses

At first, the games featured princesses that every child would admire, notably the Disney characters. The graphics were very simple with no special effects. And the gameplay only served the sole purpose of dressing up. This gameplay is an ideal way to boost up children’s creativity. Along with this fun beauty gameplay, children can practice their creativity with other most fantastic online art games for 9, 10 years old.
The dresses were designed based on the story, keeping the primary design and colors. Players can be Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, and so on.

Disney princesses were the inspirations for dress up games

When technology introduced better equipment for game designers, the touch of eye-catching effects such as twinkling stars was added to the clothes. Jewelry and hairstyles also came along, making the gaming experience more interesting.
Fictional characters were not left out in the trend of beauty games. One of the most memorable classic series would be Sailor Moon. Nowadays, superheroes have joined the massive character category.

The Exclusive Updated Version for Teenagers

Later in the rapid development of the industry, creators realized that beauty games could include puzzles to motivate the players. More importantly, they should expand their game plan to teenage consumers.
The reason is that at a certain point in life, teenagers tend to start changing their fashion style. They would want to dress like the celebrities they love. Their idol could be a singer, an actor, or soccer plays.

Some even imitate the mature image of adults.

What could be better than trying out a new style within the virtual world without shyness or embarrassment?
That is why real-life outfits and accessories like handbags and purses appeared in the innovated games. Some studios used cartoon art style to give the amusing vibes. Music was also added to enhance the experience. Teenagers also love to play games that can show off their creativity and have colorful graphics. There are a lot of outstanding art games for girls to play right now - free and online. These are great chances for them to practice their creativity.

Hannah Montana was once the greatest hit of series for teenagers.

Makeup and More Fashionable Outfits

There’s no denying that makeup has become an essential part of the beauty world. Everyone loves to try on different makeup style, from simple everyday makeup to glamorous or festive looks.
That is the ultimate inspiration for gaming studios to include the full set of cosmetics in modern games. Colorful lipsticks, eyeshadow, foundation that matches many skin tones, cute blush, and even glowing highlighters.

The winter dress up game featuring the princesses of Frozen, a 2013 Disney film

Additionally, players can change certain features. For the eyes, they can different impressive colors or change the eye shape. The nose and lips are adjustable so that the character can become the virtual version of the player as much as possible.
Classic fictional figures and fairytale princess marked their return in the games, this time with more friends and the refreshing new fashionable trends. The princesses can transform into mythical characters with Halloween costumes, and finish the whole look with makeup or a scary mask as the player’s own creativity. Wanting to try out some wonderful gameplay to express creativity? Try out the best list of free online art games - check and enjoy now.

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