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How to do SEO for a small website?

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How to do SEO for a small website?

Here is some valuable information on how to do SEO for a Small Website:

The Basic - organizing a website’s content topic wise, which can help popular search engines like Google know a user’s intent during the online search process.

In-Depth Website Audit - Conducting detailed website auditing will help you to discover and identify the obstacles in your way to achieve a high search engine rank.

Content is King - Highly valuable, relevant yet unique content is a major contributor towards your online popularity.

Make Connections - Online marketing and SEO makes it necessary for brand owners to make connections with other websites, businesses, and blogs through emails.

Design Your Site Strategically - An appropriately designed website with ease of navigation automatically is liked by web visitors and it can affect one’s search engine ranking.

Product Page & Keyword Optimization - Product or service types and pages are your most valued pages, so optimizing on-page SEO for such pages can be a good SEO tactics.

Website Speed - If a website takes too long to load, then surely most of your web visitors will leave your site and switch on to another website. The speed of your site is immensely focused on by the search engines.

Responsive Website-Mobile Friendly - As per the recent studies, it has been noted that more Google searches take place on mobile phones compared to computers in maximum countries.

Onsite SEO - Onsite SEO takes into consideration the use or choice of a specific target keyword, page structure like ranking signals, structured data markup, descriptive URLs, page titles, meta description, image SEO, content strategy etc.

Setting Google Analytic - This data pool is segmented in terms of Acquisition, Behavior, and Audience. Remember one thing that Google Analytics tracks data only as long as the tracking code is installed on the business owner’s WordPress website.

It is highly important to be found by your targeted audiences or potential customers online, for which the content of your site needs to be SEO optimized. Without sales, there will be no profit and without earning profit your business becomes a charity event. SEO makes your business flourished with an increase in sales or subscription increases.
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SEO is very important for any kind of business either it is small or large. This article is very informative for SEO beginners.
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How to do SEO for a small website?

Register with Google Search Console.
Register with Bing Webmaster Tools.
Claim or create a Google My Business listing.
Conduct keyword research.
Organize keywords by page.
Target long-tail keywords.
Test your keywords with
Optimize your page titles.
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Great organic rankings don’t happen overnight.

However, there are at least 11 things you can focus on to start moving the needle for your small businesses.

The following SEO checklist for small businesses will help you prioritize SEO tasks.

It includes:

What to address.
Why it’s important.
The tools to use.
The time commitment involved.
1. Nail Down What Problems You Solve For Customers
Before jumping into SEO, you must first understand the nature of what your small business provides to your customers, according to Chris Luttjohann with Digital Current.

For example:

How, when, and where do customers determine they need your product or service?
Is it away from home, using their cell phone? Is it at home using a desktop computer or tablet?
Is it driven by a personal desire, like good food to eat or a great place to spend some time?
Or is it caused by a disruptive event like a home or personal issue?
These questions color the language your customers will use to find your business.

This information will drive your keyword research and content creation, among other tasks.

Tools to use: Whiteboard
Time involvement: Medium

2. Fix Your Technical SEO Issues
Your small business website might look fine on the outside – with great graphics, colors, and fonts.

But if there are technical problems “under the hood,” it will likely impact your rankings and traffic.

Before embarking on a content or link campaign, spend time fixing the foundation.

You need a solid website structure so search engines can properly crawl and index your webpages.

Some of the most common technical SEO problems have to do with:

Duplicate content.
Broken links.
Improper use of canonical link elements.
Un-optimized pages.
For more information on how to audit a website, read this article: The Ultimate SEO Audit Checklist.

Tools to use: SEMRush, Google Search Console, GT Metrix, Siteliner and Screaming Frog
Time involvement: High

3. Optimize Your Pages
On-page optimization is more than just putting keywords on the page.

You must develop quality content that is properly structured using natural characteristics for the targeted keywords.

Use every reasonable (i.e., non-spammy) opportunity to add your targeted keywords appropriately on your website.

Otherwise, you’re missing important ranking signals.

In other words, you must optimize your:

Meta descriptions.
Body content.
Kevin Chow with Digital Current takes it a step further. When you’re optimizing and building your content, you should think about terms or locale to speak to your audience.

For example, in Washington State, you would use “Tri-Cities” instead of Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco.

For more information about on-page optimization, read this article: Why Keywords Are Still So Very Important for SEO.

Tools to use: SEMRush, SpyFu, Google Search Console, Keywords Everywhere
Time involvement: High

4. Optimize Google My Business
Google My Business should be a focal point for any small business. It’s free, easy to update, and can make a big impact.

The first step toward optimizing your Google My Business listing is claiming and verifying it:

Be sure to fill out as many fields as you can and include photos and videos to enhance your listing.

Your category selection is super important. Be sure to choose the correct categories for your business.

If you want to get more advanced with Google My Business, take the time to create questions and answers.

What does that mean?

In local search results, there is now a section where people can ask questions and get answers.

As a small business, it is important that you stay on top of these questions. Create your own questions and provide the answers.

Here’s how these questions appear in local results:

Target Google My Business listing
Mike Blumenthal wrote a great guide about these Q&As, which is worth the read: The Big Guide to Google Questions And Answers (Q & A).

Tools to use: Google My Business
Time involvement: Low

5. Find Out What Competitors Are Doing & Do It Better
Competitors online might be different than the competitors within your local area.

For SEO purposes, we are the most concerned with the websites that are showing up in the top 5 to 10 positions of Google search results for your targeted keywords. Those are the competitors you want to analyze.

When doing a competitive analysis, use tools to find out:

What those sites are ranking for.
How many pages they have indexed.
Their website structure.
The quality of their backlink profile.
Also, we know page speed is a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm.

So run their landing pages through page speed tools. Look for areas of weakness.

Link Building for Beginners: How to Get Started
Want to build a strong foundation in link building and get the basics right? This guide will help set you up for link building success.

Download Now!
For example, are their pages running slow? Are there keywords they have missed that you can target?

For more information on what to look for when doing a competitive analysis, read: 3 Ways to Quickly Compare Your Website with Your Competitors.

Tools to use: SEMrush, SpyFu, Majestic
Time involvement: Medium

6. Manage Local Business Listings & Citations
In addition to Google My Business, you need to control the accuracy of your local business data.

Consistency is crucial.

Data aggregators (e.g., Neustar Localeze, Factual) share information about local businesses, including the name, address, and phone number (NAP).

Make sure your business’s NAP information is consistent and accurate. Local business listings and citations (i.e., online mentions of a business) can help improve your local presence.

The best approach to local directories and citations is to sign up for a service that will distribute your business NAP information.

Tools to use: Yext, BrightLocal, WhiteSpark
Time involvement: Low

7. Get Links from Websites in Your Local Area
Most small business owners never think about links.

However, getting links to your site can help improve your rankings.

That can mean more sales and more customers.

My approach to “link attraction” has always been more of a publicity angle:

What can we do to spread the word about our business, educate others, and get involved in the community?

For ideas on how to get local links, check out the article, What Is a Local Backlink & How to Find Them.

Tools to use: Majestic, Ahrefs, SpyFu
Time involvement: High

8. Add Schema Markup
Schema markup sends search engines signals about page components, such as:

Business name.
Phone number.
Business hours.
This can lead to rich snippets in SERPs.

JSON-LD markup is preferred for SEO. You can see rich snippets in action within the SERP below.

Pizza Rich Snippet
Check out schema for local businesses here:

Tools to use: Google Structured Data Testing Tool
Time involvement: Medium

9. Focus on Getting Reviews
Even my kids are conditioned to look up reviews before making a purchase.

Reviews were one of the leading local search ranking factors in 2017, according to Local SEO Guide.

Plus, you can improve your conversions by putting effort into getting reviews and feedback from your customers.

Platforms can help you organize and manage a review campaign.

Or, you can simply encourage customers to leave reviews on the major online review sites.

Tools to use:, Yext
Time involvement: High

10. Create Videos & Images for Competitive Keywords
Websites need content, which means words so that search engines understand what they are about.

Content goes beyond words, though, and should include images and videos.

In fact, if you are struggling to show up for competitive keywords, why not try a properly optimized video or an image?

This is a point that Google’s Gary Illyes made in the following tweet:

Gary Illyes tweet optimize images tools to use:, SEMRush, SpyFu
Time involvement: Medium
Great organic rankings don’t happen overnight.

However, there are at least 11 things you can focus on to start moving the needle for your small businesses.

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SEO for the small website owners help them in creating fast, robust and user-friendly website that ranks higher in the search engine and brings potential customers to the website. In this competitive world where every business idea is pre-existing, bigger companies, brands are already controlling the majority of the customer population, it becomes difficult to draw customers towards your small website or a startup.

SEO is the answer to all these troubles, your website is just not made to be printed on the Business card but it has strong potential to be used as a marketing tool for the company. Make your website search engine friendly.

Basics of doing SEO for a small website-

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Talking Content

For seo ranking, the content of your website is very important. Make sure your H1 heading in your html is clear and precise. That will affect your webpage's readability and thus your SEO ranking in Google. SEO ranking is very different from Google Adwords which is paid advertising. Organic searches will sometimes take weeks or even years to slowly climb to the top of the organic search result . I personally watches alot of Youtube tutorial videos and learnt alot of tips to improve my ranking. I will share one of such very informative video. I will attach the link below . Go check it out!

Go ahead and check it out!
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Google Search Console is indeed a useful tool to use. Thankyou for pointing out !
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Great sharing! Thank you for sharing! Keep up the great work mate! Cheers!
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Nice read! Always a pleasure reading! Thank you for sharing!
Please do share more such information. Good read and very informative . Would be more than happy to share with more people.
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Talking SEO

Nice read! Always a pleasure reading! Thank you for sharing!
Please do share more such information. Good read and very informative . Would be more than happy to share with more people.
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Nice read! Always a pleasure reading! Thank you for sharing!
Please do share more such information. Good read and very informative . Would be more than happy to share with more people.
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