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HZ Nvidia 690 shoot out review feedback

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HZ Nvidia 690 shoot out review feedback

I found the hardwarezone review of the Nvidia 690 GTX highly enjoyable reading.

Things i liked about the review

1. nice comparison chart with side by side comparison of different graphics card products and their specs and especially the pricing difference.

2. Very nice interesting tidbits to actually get the readers thinking more regarding the stuff you pointed out

"NVIDIA uses the same aluminum used by Lockheed Martin on the F-22 Raptor fighter jet for its light weight, good heat dissipation and acoustic dampening properties."
Despite NVIDIA's use of thixomolded magnesium alloy (chosen partly for its heat dissipation properties), the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 was easily the hottest out of all of our cards, reaching 79 degrees Celsius before we even started overclocking.
"However take note that availability will be in very limited quantities, with a rumored 1000 units produced worldwide."
Another tidbit of information we came to know recently was that NVIDIA had strict rules to the card vendors to not slap any of their own labels anywhere on the card. While the complexity of the cooling solution of the these ubber high-end cards are so high that most vendors just sell the reference model as-is, this extra ruling would now mean that it doesn't really matter if you choose brand A over brand B because they won't even be differentiated by fancy sticks or labels from each of the respective brands.
Is AMD Down For The Count?
So has NVIDIA landed the knockout punch on AMD? Not yet. While our NVIDIA cards had the upper hand on most of our tests, AMD remained competitive throughout, and scored particularly well on the toughest test settings in our gaming benchmarks. This reflects the previous pattern we've seen of NVIDIA's GTX 680 scaling well across all tests, while AMD's Radeon HD 7970 starts to shine in more demanding situations.

Don't forget, AMD has yet to release their dual-GPU HD 7990. And now that NVIDIA has brought theirs out to play, you can expect AMD to retaliate soon. Until then, NVIDIA's claim as the best performing single graphics card will hold true.
3. a good simple rating visual scoreboard even with a Pros and Cons to me more neutral in reviewing the product.

4. good examples of popularly played games used in the reviews benchmark that can stress test this card for actual real world usage.

5. lots of graph visuals with the numbers to make better sense of the review benchmarks.

What i didn't like about the review or found lacking

1. The pictures could not be expanded to a bigger picture in say a pop up. You only had the okay sized thumbnails which is alright, but i prefer being able to see a higher quality picture by clicking on the image to then have a picture pop up like some other review sites do.

2. You mentioned that the Nvidia 690 GTX is hot and suggested better case cooling. I'm surprised you didn't specify whether water cooling is finally a viable solution even for non over clockers seeing as this card runs hot as hell even when not oc'ed. Some water cooling enlightenment would have been appreciated.

3. a link to a separate review analyzing the pros and cons of multi gpu setups e.g. cost analysis comparing single and multi gpus to determine when exactly multi gpu would actually make sense in getting for a certain resolution/monitor screensize, heat issues/cooling recommendations, and other associated issues for multi gpus such as micro stuttering.

4. specifics. You mentioned in the summary that ATI is not out of the game, i think you missed out in regards to the Image Quality arguement which other reviewers have brought up. There was some hot discussion saying that Nvidia's Kepler GPU cards IQ was worse compared to their older graphics card models. Also that ATI IQ when compared to Nvidia's was better. There needs to be a separate review by HZ that will look into this matter. FPS is nice, but i would also like a good Image quality as well.

5. You did not send me one to play with :{ sniff

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