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Review of Online Men's Cufflinks Retailers

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Review of Online Men's Cufflinks Retailers

I have been looking for cufflinks as gifts for my predominantly male employees to celebrate a great year at my new store. Wanted to buy quite a number, hence the wealth of data (cost optimization habit!). Anyway I did a search around Singapore and on the net and compiled a table for myself, thot I’d just write it up for you guys since you provided me a starting point.

These are the 6 that I ultimately considered, in no particular order

Variety: 5/5
Price: 3.5/5 (loyalty discounts scheme!)
Quality: 4/5
Delivery: $2.80
Return Policy: 10 days, refunded in vouchers.

TheLittleLink is more than a cufflinks shop – it is whole shop catering to men’s accessories: leather bags, bow ties, pocket squares, tuxedo studs, ties, tie pins, and lapel pins! They also have HUGE collection of cufflinks – a few thousand I remember – I was honestly spoilt for choice. If you do not have a clear idea of what you want it can be a little hard to find an distinctly appealing design, just like when I was sourcing for ideas on their website. I ended up going to The Cufflink Shoppe and then, which had better prices too. But I am likely to come back for some specific designs.
However, if you have a good idea of what you want, you are more likely to find it here than anywhere else.
They also have customized cufflinks at $49.90, which you can engrave initials on! Great as a gift for the special someone! Was strongly considering getting a pair with my initials for myself, until I was won over by some gold plated thumbdrive cufflinks.
Their returns policy allows you to return you cufflinks within a comfortable period of 10 days! The downside is that they either refund in terms of vouchers or product exchanges, so you will not get your money back. Given their range, you’ll be likely to find something else that you like, so it is not a bad deal.

Variety: 4/5
Price: 2/5
Quality: 3/5
Delivery: Physical Shopping
Return Policy: None

Pricewise, Tangs Plaza is the least attractive with prices starting at $49 for very common designs that you can find online. This is to be expected with high overheads of rental etc, not to mention they have to maintain a large number of other products... Tangs is on this list because it was the only physical store I went down to, and serves as a great indication of why we are slowly moving into an online shopping age. The prices are high and the designs can be found on places like The Cufflink Shoppe for much less. However, the advantage of having a large cash flow like Tangs is that they are able to create a few of their own designs – like a gold Singapore flag one - so if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, TANGS is great! Personally, I felt it was hardly worth the time and trouble.

Variety: 3/5
Price: 4.5/5
Quality: 5/5
Delivery: FREE
Return Policy: 7 days full cash refund

I found these guys through an FB ad. claims to “only stock the popular models”, and it is true they are somewhat lacking in variety, especially compared to the bigger online retailers with hundreds of designs. Couldn’t find these darth vader ones I quite liked. BUT it is also true that all their models are really quite nice, which really makes up for the variety(or lack thereof), and I ultimately ended up as a customer. Seems like they just discarded most of the less appealing designs from other retailers.

However, have this gold-plated cufflinks that is actually a 16GB USB thumbdrive as well!

Unfortunately, at $100+ it is out of my gift budget for 20 employees. But I got one of them for myself – like james bond haha.
The returns policy is the other thing that stood out for me. You can return your pair of cufflinks for whatever reason if you don’t like them/they don’t look like the picture in 7 days for a full refund – in cash! Plus the free delivery, it is almost like physical shopping, except without spending hours walking around the mall. Don’t like, just put back heheh.
I ended up ordering 5 pairs of their watch gear movement cufflinks (cos lowest price :B), and used the loyalty points earned to discount my own USB cufflinks. I must say the 18k gold looks GREAT, and I think my managers are quite pleased with theirs.
Unlike the rest, does not have other men’s products but seems to only specialize in cufflinks, perhaps the reason why they are offering such a competitive price. Their reach also isn’t as wide as their contemporaries, as they do not have retailers stocking their products.

Kiasu TIP: If you plan on buying multiple cufflinks, don't purchase in a single order. Take advantage of their loyalty points by purchasing part of your order, then spending the points you earn on the remainder. else, have to wait till you want to buy again. That's what I did.

Variety: 4/5
Price: 3/5 $24.50 - $878
Quality: 4/5
Delivery: $5
Return Policy: None

Don’t be fooled by the $878 max price. While a large number of their cufflinks are in the $200- $800 range, that is because stocks many of these branded cufflinks, making them THE GO TO PLACE if you are looking for branded cufflinks. The basic designs however, are more affordable in the $40+ range, and are similar to what you find on thecufflinkshoppe and also (confusing eh?)
The differentiating point is that they stock many branded cufflinks such as A.AZTHOM, Alfred Dunhill, Atesta, Tateossian, Lamvin, Marz Thomson. However, these are all out of my budget once again.
They also stock a really nice Cufflink Box, perfect for a gift! And also a cufflink tray - a must have for any cufflinks collector!
Oh, and they are the only shop that stocks LADIES CUFFLINKS. I got all of those for my female staff from here.

Variety: 5/5
Price: 4/5 $28 - $168
Quality: 3/5
Delivery: FREE (checkout price is buggy)
Return Policy: Yes, but doesn’t say if there is a refund.

The Cufflink Shoppe has a HUMONGOUS selection of designs. I particularly like their novelty array of cufflinks! So many different quirky designs! I shopped quite a few here for employees I am more familiar with. For example, I got this pair of poker hand cufflinks for my designer who asks everyone to buy 4D every week without fail haha.

However, it is a little tedious to find a design you are looking for amongst so many others, like 18 different colours of lego brick cufflinks.
Was initially a little iffy about buying the 5 designs I wanted because of the returns, but I got them anyway since they seem to be a big website, and they arrived fine!
It also doesn’t hurt that they have Cash On Delivery, so you can see if they’re alright before paying! But only available for orders above $150.
As an aside, The Cufflink Shoppe also amazing bow ties. I really love the vibrant designs and I will probably be back for a bow tie for myself! Other accessories include ties, and tie clips – all at good prices.

FYI some of the stores you guys provided on this thread no longer exist, or have shifted to exclusively serve overseas. There are a few other websites that are pretty similar to each other… just retailers and re-retailers of cufflinks. There are some on Carousell for a few dollars cheaper, but ordering is complex and I am not sure if they are good quality as gifts. And of course the branded Burberry and Cartier ones, if you are looking for a really really high-end one 200+ one.

Have any other sources of cufflinks to suggest? Please let me know so I can explore them as well. I think they make great professional gifts!
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wow,this is really professional gifts, can you give me some?
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